Internal labour market centre

We open an office to help your employees’ futures
An impending plant closure or mass redundancies cause a variety of professional and personal problems. To tackle these problems at an early stage, it is possible to set up an internal labour market centre (BAZ). The main goal of a BAZ is to help the employees being dismissed avoid becoming unemployed.

What activities does the BAZ carry out?
In the BAZ, affected staff...

  • are notified as early as possible about the impact of the redundancies and the measures to be taken in the company;
  • are given advice and support, and, if possible, placed in a new job during the notice period; and
  • where appropriate, are informed of the training measures open to them so as to improve their chances in the labour market.

Who runs the BAZ?
The BAZ is usually run by the HR department of the company in close cooperation with the RAV. Employer organisations and trade unions are also to be involved. In all cases, a workforce commission or employee representative must be incorporated. If your company does not have suitable specialists to run a BAZ, we recommend using an external HR consultant.

Who finances the BAZ?
Unemployment insurance finances this measure in accordance with the SECO guidelines (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs).

Taking social responsibility!
A social plan is a suitable way of mitigating the financial consequences for those affected by mass redundancies. As employer, a social plan helps create transparency and trust and shows your social responsibility even in difficult circumstances. Most collective bargaining agreements stipulate that in the case of plant closures and mass redundancies, negotiations must be held over the consequences. Company benefits, however, can be agreed on a voluntary basis.

Further information?
Your regional employment centre will of course provide you with information and advice on this topic.