Collective induction grants

It is not only in the event of a plant closure that employees may be at risk of mass redundancy. Their jobs may also be at risk if a company introduces new products or production techniques at their own initiative or as part of a takeover, which means that employee requirements change. In such cases, it is possible that the affected company cannot on its own afford the training costs required and is therefore forced to dismiss its existing employees and then recruit new, appropriately qualified staff. To prevent mass redundancies caused by this, unemployment insurance can offer collective induction grants (IGs) to help cover the financial costs of inducting staff into new production processes on an exceptional basis.

Under which conditions are grants available?
Collective IGs can be paid to people who, while not unemployed, would lose their job without this tool, and would then meet the requirements for claiming unemployment benefits. For collective IGs to be approved, an application must be submitted to the cantonal employment office, which then reviews the application in conjunction with SECO.

Do you have any questions?
Your regional employment centre can provide any further information you may require.