Labour market measures

Are you unemployed or at risk of becoming unemployed?
Labour market measures help you permanently reintegrate into working life. These measures can help you ...

  • improve your specialist knowledge;
  • learn new techniques and methods; and
  • make new contacts.

Are you allowed to take part in a labour market measure?
If you are entitled to unemployment benefits, in principle you also fulfil the requirements for participating in labour market measures.
If you are not yet entitled to unemployment benefits (for example if you are at risk of becoming unemployed), under certain circumstances you can still receive contributions towards courses. Ask your regional employment centre for more information on this!

How do you register for a labour market measure?
The regional employment centre usually decides whether a particular measure is appropriate and sensible. However, insured people can apply on their own initiative to their RAV to participate in a measure at any time.

Do you need more information?
Refer to our brochure for information on labour market measures or get in touch with your regional employment centre. You can find more detailed information in our UI practice LMM.