Offering work placements

A work placement is a labour market measure offered by unemployment insurance (UI) in the form of temporary employment. A work placement in a private company or in public administration offers job seekers the chance to gain initial professional experience or vocational skills. The contacts they make there will increase their chances of finding a job in this line of work or a related profession.

A work placement lasts up to six months and must be ended at any time in favour of a more suitable job being found.


During a work placement, UI continues to pay the trainee a daily allowance. UI pays up to 75% of the daily allowance and at the end of the work placement, invoices the company 25% of the daily allowance amount, but at least CHF 500 per month.

Would you like to offer a work placement? This is how you do it:

Further information

The RAV in your region/your cantonal employment office will help you registering a work placement.

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