Job registration requirement from 2024

The list of occupation types that have to be registered is updated in the fourth quarter every year and applies from 1 January to 31 December of the subsequent year. The sole criterion that determines whether occupations need to be registered is an unemployment rate of at least 5% in the occupation in question.

The rates are calculated for the whole of Switzerland on the basis of the twelve-month average for occupations according to the Federal Statistical Office’s Swiss Standard Classification of Occupations CH-ISCO-19.

The list of occupation types that have to be registered in 2024 (PDF, 151 kB, 29.11.2023) (in German)

Use the Check-Up 2024 to see quickly and easily if your job has to be registered.

Explanations on the list of occupation types subject to the job registration requirement in 2024

Due to the continued fall in unemployment in the reference period, fewer occupation types will fall under the job registration requirement in 2024.

For example, the occupation types cleaning and auxiliary staff in offices, hotels and other establishments with a total of 80,000 employed persons are no longer subject to the job registration requirement from 2024. Two types of occupation that fall under the catering industry (service staff and chefs de service) will also no longer be subject to the notification requirement in 2024. The scope of the job registration requirement is estimated in relation to the share of employed persons working in occupation types subject to registration. While in 2023 about 8.2% of employed persons worked in occupations subject to the registration requirement, this rate is expected to drop to about 3.2% in 2024.